About Panora Public Library

Library Hours

Mon:Noon -7:00 pm
Tue:Noon -5:00 pm
Wed:Noon -8:00 pm
Thu:Noon -5:00 pm
Fri:9:30 -5:00 pm
Sat:9:30 -Noon

Mission Statement:

The Panora Public Library is to provide users with material and services to meet their informational educational cultural and recreational needs.

Panora Public Library

102 N. 1st Street Panora, Ia. 50216

Phone: 641.755.2529
Fax: 641.755.3009
mail: pnralib@netins.net

Kim Finnegan
Mary Hamilton
Lori Raup

Mike Klein - President
Chris Hastings - Vice President
Liz Labath - Secretary
Kelly Mleynek - Treasure
Sharon Neal
Carol Evens
Kari Sebern
Tina Thornberry
Dave Grove